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BoomsticK Powerups
Nuke - Kills all the enemies on the screen.
Speed Boost - boosts your speed for a limited time.
BoomsticK Quick Descrip

BoomsticK pits you and your trusty shotgun against a relentless onslaught of insane shapes. 21 Tiers of shape shooting, particle blastin, power-up grabbin madness! Compare your sick score to the entire world and flaunt your BoomsticK skills.

The story is incredibly deep, you are, well... I what I mean to say is that... hmmm... wait, I was all worried like I forgot some incredible story! But there is no story! Whew, that was easy enough.

Enough talkin let's do some Killin.

BoomsticK Keys to Victory

To make the most of your BoomsticK skills, it's important to keep in mind a few things...

#1 He Who Has The Ammo, Makes The Rules.
BoomsticK operates on a simple, concept. When you shoot, you loose ammo (10 to be exact). When you kill you can get ammo. Pick up all the ammo those wicked shapes drop for your best chances of survival.

#2 One Kill At A Time Gets You Nowhere.
You can shoot one enemy at a time, if you want to lose quick. The Trick in BoomsticK is to make each shot count. Killing multiple enemies with each shot will deliver you the most bang for your buck (shot).

#3 Only a Dead Man Stands Still.
You can stand idle and oogle at the pretty glow of your buck shot if you want to run out of ammo faster than the Nintendo Wii on its launch date. Keep those feet movin and pick up that ammo!


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